How to use subversion to keep source, system and doc files up to date?

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Thu Sep 27 07:26:14 UTC 2012

On 27/09/2012 07:41, Polytropon wrote:
> Does anyone know if there are already plans to make svn part
> of the base system and integrate it with make, so that one
> can use "make update" (in /usr/src and/or /usr/ports) with
> control files or options (e. g. in /etc/make.conf) to have
> influence on the updating behaviour (if to track RELEASE,
> RELEASE-p<level>, STABLE or HEAD / CURRENT)? In the past,
> the additional package cvsup-without-gui had to be installed
> (like Subversion today) before csup was created and incorporated
> to the OS...
> I'm currently using csup with this approach and would be
> interested if Subversion can provide the same easy interface
> to that kind of functionality.

You can already use subversion with 'make update' -- unless you override
it with settings in /etc/make.conf, the ports or src Makefiles will
detect the presence of a .svn directory and from that automatically
deduce it should use svn to update the respective trees.

Whether svn will ever be incorporated in the base system is a different
question.  As far as I know, there aren't any plans to bring it in at
the moment (BICBW).  Maintaining vendor imports of software from
actively developed projects like SVN in two or more release branches and
head is quite a burden and the tendency recently is to prefer to use the
ports instead.  (Especially considering that SVN has a reasonably large
dependency tree.)

There has been talk of "svnsup" analogous to "csup" and I believe some
work has been done, but no idea what state that project is in, nor if
that would be added to base once it achieves sufficient maturity.



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