How to use subversion to keep source, system and doc files up to date?

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Thu Sep 27 06:41:38 UTC 2012

On Thu, 27 Sep 2012 02:34:47 -0400, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> from "David J. Weller-Fahy" <dave-lists-freebsd-questions at>:
> > svn update /usr/src/
> When you use svn the first time, svn doesn't know where the repository is, 
> and svn repository is not fully in sync with cvs or csup repository.
> So you might need, in a fresh directory,
> svn co svn:// /usr/src
> This is for 9-stable.
> To update,
> svn up /usr/src
> To find paths for other repositories,
> Web site reference is

Does anyone know if there are already plans to make svn part
of the base system and integrate it with make, so that one
can use "make update" (in /usr/src and/or /usr/ports) with
control files or options (e. g. in /etc/make.conf) to have
influence on the updating behaviour (if to track RELEASE,
RELEASE-p<level>, STABLE or HEAD / CURRENT)? In the past,
the additional package cvsup-without-gui had to be installed
(like Subversion today) before csup was created and incorporated
to the OS...

I'm currently using csup with this approach and would be
interested if Subversion can provide the same easy interface
to that kind of functionality.

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