cksum entire dir??

markham breitbach markham_breitbach at
Wed Sep 12 02:23:39 UTC 2012

As long as you are not moving files across mount points, you could always do something
like this:

    cd $SOURCE_DIR && find . -print | cpio -dplm $DEST_DIR
    rm -rf $SOURCE_DIR

That will create hard links from one directory to the other so you don't have to worry
about any file corruption since the data is never actually moved around on the disk.  It
should also be a whole lot faster than actually moving or copying the data and you don't
have to worry about running out of disk space half way through a copy.


On 12-09-11 3:38 PM, Gary Kline wrote:
> I'm trying to checksum directories as I move them around.
> ive read the man page for sum and cksum ... or maybe skimmed 
> them.  no joy.  anybody know of a utility to do this?  I've 
> got files that are decades old... 
> tx, guys.
> gary
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