mhonarc 64-bit Package for mhonarc6.18 is stale.

Martin McCormick martin at
Mon Sep 10 17:56:49 UTC 2012

	mhonarc is a mime message archiver that is used with nmh
and possibly other applications. I used pkg_add -r mhonarc to
install it on a new system I was building and then discovered
that attempts to reply to messages produced no quoted output and
a spew of perl warnings about "defined" being deprecated. The
messages tell you what line and in what application the
offending directives live and one must then edit out the word
defined from those lines.

	The current port of mhonarc, however, is fine so I first
did make deinstall in the /usr/ports/www/mhonarc directory and
then did make install from the port and things are now perking
along nicely.

	If there is a better place to send this message, I will
certainly be glad to send it. All somebody needs to do is create
the mhonarc.tbz package from the most current port for both 32
and 64-bit systems. Who knows; I may be the only one in the
world who is still using nmh, but it is useful when you want
scripts to send mail, etc.

Martin McCormick

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