ftp2.ca.freebsd.org out of date?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Mon Sep 10 15:20:10 UTC 2012

> From:		Pierre-Luc Drouin <pldrouin at gmail.com> 
> Date:		Mon, 10 Sep 2012 09:13:27 -0400 
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Pierre-Luc Drouin wrote:
> Hi,
> it seems that the ftp2.ca.freebsd.org mirror has not been updating since
> August 3rd. At least this is the case for the files in
> ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/CTM/src-9

To find who is ftp master for that domain,
try contacting probably in this order eg
	ftp at ftp2.ca.freebsd.org
	ftp-bugs at ftp2.ca.freebsd.org
	ftpmaster at ftp2.ca.freebsd.org		(*)
	root at ftp2.ca.freebsd.org
	hostmaster at ftp2.ca.freebsd.org
	ftp at ca.freebsd.org
	ftp-bugs at ca.freebsd.org
	ftpmaster at ca.freebsd.org		(*)
	root at ca.freebsd.org
	hostmaster at ca.freebsd.org

	See also (from 8.3-release/src/etc/mail/aliases )
		AND FUNCTIONS', May 1997

	(*) ftpmaster@ is not normal, far as I know, but I added
	it to my domains to be analagous to webmaster@ so maybe
	others do similar)

Alternately & probably less usefuly there is a list for discussions,
(not error reports such as this) for all global FreeBSD mirror admins
You can find it via mailman, but that will get you lots of other admins
who aren't responsible for the server you want to report,

In case your admin is on holiday, or otherwise absent, try top @
addresses first, cos if that admin. is on hol, their stand in
colleague may be getting a copy of their host error mails, but not
a copy of freebsd subscription mails.

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