Question regarding a server with an unsupported old version

Olivier Nicole olivier.nicole at
Mon Oct 22 03:17:27 UTC 2012

Dear Rei,

> One of the clients is running the web site using
> FreeBSD 4.7.
> pkg_add -r php4-4.3.6.tgz
> I get an error message below.
> Error: FTP Unable to get File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access)

I believe that PHP4 (and most of the ports used in the server of your
client) are not supported anymore.

You would be able to download it from somewhere, there must exist
archives, but you'd have to build everything by hand.

> Is there any suggestion on what I can do
> other than convincing the client to renew the server?
> (which I am doing but already been politely refused)

1) build a new system, with new Apache, new PHP, etc. and port the web
site of your client to the new system. Let the client test and approve
it, an install that on his old hardware.

2) get your boss approve the fact that the server of the client is ou
of date and cannot be maintened anymore. Then you charge the client
for colocation (electricity and internet) but the client is
responsible for the maintenance.

Best regards,


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