Question regarding a server with an unsupported old version

Rei Okamoto okamoto at
Mon Oct 22 02:59:07 UTC 2012

Hello to all,

My name is Rei Okamoto posting from Japan.

I'm very new to FreeBSD and please pardon and caution me
if anything I post is in any way inappropriate.

Here's a problem I'm facing right now.

I started working for a company this month as a
sole engineerer, given all my tasks with virtually
no manuals other than IP addresses, IDs and PWs.
(Dangerous, but not such a rare case in this country)

One of the clients is running the web site using
FreeBSD 4.7.

Although it is surely the best to renew the server to
newest machine and OS, the client is reluctant to do so
because of money.

So a long story short, because I need to do some testing,
I've installed FreeBSD 4.11 to the VirtualBox as a
test server in my local PC and got the network connected.

I want to build the test server as close to the
actual server as possible, such as considering the
OS's version 4.11 to be close enough to 4.7, but
as I try to install PHP4 with a following command,

pkg_add -r php4-4.3.6.tgz

I get an error message below.

Error: FTP Unable to get File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access)

So you probably can figure out the rest of the story,
it is all too old to make a near duplication of the server.

Is there any suggestion on what I can do
other than convincing the client to renew the server?
(which I am doing but already been politely refused)

Pardon me for the long message,
and thank you in advance for all replies.

Thank you,
Rei Okamoto

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