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Istvan Gabor <suseuser04 at> wrote:

> FreeBSD Handbook (at the end of section 25.2.2) says:
> "However, freebsd-update will always update the /usr/src/sys/conf/ file.
> The current patch level (as indicated by the -p number reported by uname -r) is obtained
> from this file. Rebuilding your custom kernel, even if nothing else changed, will allow
> uname(1) to accurately report the current patch level of the system."
> From this I conclude that if I rebuild the kernel (the general kernel, not a custom kernel),
> it should reflect patch level correctly.


> This raises another question: are the updates made sequentially, as p1, p2, etc.?
> This would explain why the kernel stayed at p3 level while the system was updated to
> p4.


> I Suppose if the update was done in one step after fetching and applying all
> update patches the kernel should reflect the system's patch level. Is this correct?

Well, it 'should', but it does not, since freebsd-update does not work
that way. p4 did not require rebuilding the kernel, so it had not been

> I am confused a little bit.

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