Trouble updating Sources via subversion?

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Thu Oct 4 15:08:34 UTC 2012

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On 10/4/12 10:31 AM, Howard Leadmon wrote:
>> [...]
>> Hi Howard,
>> I know this doesn't answer the question about the svn problems
>> you've been encountering, but have you considered using portsnap
>> to keep your /usr/ports tree up to date?  One of it's advantages
>> is that you'll save space by not housing the /usr/ports/.svn
>> directory created by "svn checkout".
>> Once portsnap has populated the tree the first time, it's
>> super-fast keeping it up to date, and it's easily invoked from a
>> nightly cron job.
>> Hope that helps, Greg
> In theory that seems like an OK idea, but I figured I would
> probably setup a mirror as I update a bunch of servers, so getting
> one to house a local copy for the others to sync to seemed like a
> decent goal.
> Also, and by all means correct me if I am wrong, but I want to sync
> not only with /usr/ports, but also with /usr/src, and /usr/doc, and
> I was under the impression that portsnap was only for ports, which
> would still leave me holding the bag on the OS sources and such..
> --- Howard Leadmon - howard at

Unless you're trying to save bandwidth (and probably not too much
anyway), I wouldn't set up a local portsnap mirror.  It's very fast to
sync from multiple machines.  If you need to guarantee that every
machine has the exact same /usr/ports, then you can rsync from a
designated master to the others.

As you mentioned, portsnap is only for the ports tree. For production
machines, I use freebsd-update to keep /usr/src up to date, but that's
only necessary when new base system patches are released.  If you're
tracking -STABLE or -CURRENT, then I agree that svn is the right solution.

To solve the node conflict problem, here are some
suggestions/questions to ponder:

- - Check that your system clock is in sync with a good NTP source

- - Make absolutely sure that a cron job or some other hidden process is
not touching the /usr/ports, /usr/src and /usr/doc directories
(mentioned by a previous poster)

- - To verify that the directories haven't changed, try running this
command immediate after the initial checkout:

  find /usr/ports/ -type f -print | sort | xargs md5 >

  Wait a while, then run these commands:

  find /usr/ports/ -type f -print | sort | xargs md5 >
  diff /tmp/ports-md5-[12].txt

  What is the output of the diff command?

- - Does this problem show up consistently on more than one of your
machines or just a subset?

Hope that helps,
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