Trouble updating Sources via subversion?

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On 10/4/12 10:16 AM, Howard Leadmon wrote:
> See inline..
>> -----Original Message----- Subject: Re: Trouble updating Sources
>> via subversion?
>> On Thu, 4 Oct 2012 09:27-0400, Howard Leadmon wrote:
>>> OK, I have over the past few years updated and tracked various
>>> source using cvsup, and with freebsd progressing to where it
>>> now uses
> subversion
>> it
>>> seemed time to move over.
>>> I seem to be running into a problem doing this, and I wanted to
>>> see if anyone had a cloo they could offer on how to resolve
>>> this, so that
> hopefully
>>> I can get my collections of FBSD boxes back where they need to
>>> be on updates.


Hi Howard,

I know this doesn't answer the question about the svn problems you've
been encountering, but have you considered using portsnap to keep your
/usr/ports tree up to date?  One of it's advantages is that you'll
save space by not housing the /usr/ports/.svn directory created by
"svn checkout".

Once portsnap has populated the tree the first time, it's super-fast
keeping it up to date, and it's easily invoked from a nightly cron job.

Hope that helps,
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