termcap/terminfo magicians anyone? // colors in vim

Peter Vereshagin peter at vereshagin.org
Wed May 30 13:33:44 UTC 2012


Being new from linux back in time I tried vim. It had pretty colors in linux for me like that:


But in freebsd I have what I have:


It 'just works' for me if I 'vim -T linux' but:

    - I'd like to know exact reason to be fixed other than just 'use linux'
    - It shows colors in ttyvX with TERM=cons25 but it has random '25h'
      showing up in places when I implement the actions from the begin of

Nothing to add more yet other than ':set term=linux' doesn't work for colors
that way.

Thanks in advance.

Peter Vereshagin <peter at vereshagin.org> (http://vereshagin.org) pgp: A0E26627 

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