How to indicate source directory in other than /usr/src?

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Wed May 30 13:05:08 UTC 2012


2012/05/30 07:02:11 -0400 Thomas Mueller <mueller23 at> => To freebsd-questions at :
TM> I installed FreeBSD 9.0-BETA1 to this partition, mounted now as /BETA1, but might want to upgrade this to 10-CURRENT.

Shouldn't you just chroot /BETA1? Newer FreeBSD world should be able to do the basic stuff, e. g., buildkernel, even with the kernel from the past branch.

Then you can just boot your 10-current kernel and build your ports within that partition mounted as /.

TM> There might have been some characters in your name that xterm couldn't understand; I need something better (mlterm?)

xterm works for me in my mutt under tmux, ask me if you need to tweak locale ( I see his L char with the '/' over it in place, and the cyrilic letters in my other mail, too )

mlterm is better for asian languages; it's unlikely that European ones should be shown better in mlterm rather than in xterm.

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