kde4 on 8.3 and laptop

Jim Pazarena fquest at paz.bz
Wed May 30 04:22:45 UTC 2012

I had kde3 running just fine on 8.2 on my laptop.

I have now installed 8.3 -and- kde4 on my laptop, and the kde system
will not work as expected.

when I type kdm  (which is at /usr/local/kde4/bin/kdm)
I get the expected login screen (however the mouse dies), and after I login,
all I get is a small cli window in the top left corner. The mouse has gone
dead, and the keyboard doesn't respond, altho there is a prompt in the cli

All I can do at this point is hold the power button in to reboot.
If I do not try running "kdm", the normal cli works 100%, the ethernet works,
and the mouse always seems alive (altho in the cli the mouse is of no value).

Suggestions would be very appreciated.
Jim Pazarena         fquest at paz.bz

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