Purpose of FreeBSD X.Y-RELEASE Hardware Notes

vermaden vermaden at interia.pl
Wed May 23 22:42:20 UTC 2012

Gentleman (and ladies), what is the purpose of the Hardware Notes
when it does not provide any REAL information about what hardware
is supported?

A painful example, I checked if SCSI Controller Adaptec 29320 is
supported on FreeBSD and the 'official' information is that it is
supported with the AHD(4) driver, like below.

> [i386,sparc64,ia64,amd64] The ahd(4) driver supports the following:
>   Adaptec AIC7901 host adapter chip
>   Adaptec AIC7901A host adapter chip
>   Adaptec AIC7902 host adapter chip
>  *Adaptec 29320 host adapter*
>   Adaptec 39320 host adapter
>   Many motherboards with on-board SCSI support

But after connecting this Adaptec 29320 to the system it shits
the terminal from top to bottom and all I have are issues with
it, that is called officially supported hardware?

There should be [*] sign on that device that this device ID is known,
but its support is less then good. Grepping the Internet shows that
all people suggest to put that SCSI card directly into the bin and  get
something else to work on FreeBSD.

and nothing more 



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