portsnap update won't update original /usr/ports

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at insightbb.com
Wed May 23 01:30:52 UTC 2012

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Subject: portsnap update won't update original /usr/ports

According to the handbook, one can do
   portsnap fetch
   portsnap update
and the update will work with a previously created ports tree;
I presume this includes one created during system install.

However, when I attempted this, portsnap complained:
   /usr/ports was not created by portsnap.
   You must run 'portsnap extract' before running 'portsnap update'.

Is there a way to use portsnap against this tree, or must I delete the 
existing /usr/ports and do an extract first?



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I screwed up this way too, when I downloaded the USB memstick image for FreeBSD 9.0_BETA1 and later, BETA2, I installed the ports from that, which worked to my disadvantage when I later ran "portsnap fetch update".

I wound up deleting /usr/ports/* and starting fresh, may not necessarily have had to delete the ports tree.  But now it works.

Now I wonder if it's feasible to switch between "portsnap fetch update" and csup <ports-supfile>, or if it's strictly one or the other.

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