Filesystem dump incremental?

Matthias Petermann matthias at
Thu May 17 11:15:23 UTC 2012


currently I am experiencing something confusing. Some hours ago I did a 
level 0 dump with the following command:

     dump -a -0 -f /mnt/da0/backup-compaq.0.dump /

This results in a quite big dump file. After changing a couple of files, 
I tried to do another dump. This time as level 1. My expectation was 
that the resulting dump would only contain the files which changed since 
the level 0 dump.

     dump -a -1 -f /mnt/da0/backup-compaq.1.dump /

To my surprise this seems to generate another full dump instead of 

What did I miss or what mistake do I make?

The filesystem is mounted with the following options: ufs, local, 
journaled soft-updates


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