Building FreeBSD to install or update in two DESTDIRs

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Thu May 17 08:02:50 UTC 2012

from Polytropon:

> In case you need to do more than one additional installation,
> you should consider creating a tar archive of the fully installed
> system and then use tar --unlink to the mounted target. If you
> need to create many bootable systems from scratch, a script
> performing the disklabel, newfs, mount and tar steps should
> be easy to write.

I don't want more than one additional installation, and might do that one only once.

But if I wanted to create many bootable systems from scratch, I could create an installation image, ISO or memstick.

> > Subsequently I would also want to build for i386, but this
> > would be after the amd64 build and installation/update.

> In case you're creating different TARGET= architectures,
> the fun doubles. :-)

I think only one build machine is used to create FreeBSD snapshots?  You can 'make universe'?

I guess the fun more than doubles when I try to create a NetBSD installation cross-building from FreeBSD, or a Cross-Linux-from-Scratch.

Consider that NetBSD has been unstable on my new computer even with a binary installation.

> > It would be nice if bsdinstall had an option for update as
> > well as fresh install.

> This step can easily be performed manually using freebsd-update
> right after installation.

I think freebsd-update is for a binary upgrade from the servers?


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