Off topic: NetBSD or OpenBSD for Alpha server ?

Rod Person rodperson at
Sat May 5 18:25:48 UTC 2012

On Sat, 05 May 2012 19:20:10 +0200
Kenneth Hatteland <kenneth.hatteland at> wrote:

> The idea of installing FreeBSD 6.4 and experiment with upgrading
> to7.x and above appeals to quite a lot. If anyone have tried this I`d
> like to know if it is doable. I guess I`ll pick up the server one of
> the coming days.

I have an Aspen Durango II Alpha server that I'm pretty sure I was able
to upgrade to 7.x using cvs. It been sitting ideal in my basement for a
few years now. I don't think you can go above 7.
> The tip on using OpenVMS is okay, I googled it. But this seems to be
> a commercial OS, and I have no money to spend on it, and I get the
> server for free to play with. So BSD will be fine.

The hobby license is free. You just need the media, which I think sells
for around 30 - 50 bucks when it pops up on Ebay. Not sure if the
Hobbyist still sell media.

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