Off topic: NetBSD or OpenBSD for Alpha server ?

Kenneth Hatteland kenneth.hatteland at
Fri May 4 18:14:13 UTC 2012

Since the alpha forum for FreeBSD is closed, and there has not been 
Alpha support since 6.4 I wondered about which OS to install on a alpha 
server I am getting quite soon. I guess FreeBSD 6.4 is perhaps not the 
best since it is not maintained and the ports tree likewise ?

So I checked the 2 other main contenders and just wanted to ask if 
anyone here had an opinion what 2 install of the BSDs ? Or perhaps 
FreeBSD 6.4 is a good choice ( I have not tested Open or Net BSD so 
FreeBSD is my hometurf) The machine will probably be a server to have 
fun with and hopefully learn something from. Perhaps some server role in 
my rig, routing, security etc.....

Any advise would be nice :)


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