netif starting late after upgrade to FreeBSD 9.0 from 8

Warren Block wblock at
Wed May 2 00:44:49 UTC 2012

On Tue, 1 May 2012, Khairil Yusof wrote:

> I've just upgraded in place from FreeBSD 8 to FreeBSD 9.0.
> The upgrade following /usr/src/UPDATING was without any problems.
> The only issue I have is that there seems to be a race condition for
> bootup scripts in which netif can start later than devices that
> require it, resulting in the following problems :
> 1. pf rules not being loaded as it can't find network interfaces
> defined such as lo0
> 2. named not starting
> I suspect that it may be a file was not installed/updated after
> mergemaster -i but, when I check /etc/rc.d/netif and pf the REQUIRES
> line is the same as that in /usr/src
> How do I troubleshoot this? I've tried to manually change REQUIRES for
> pf for example to LOGIN, but it doesn't have any effect.
> Any pointers would be much appreciated to possible solutions would be
> much appreciated.

If using DHCP, use SYNCDHCP instead.  For static IP addresses, see 
rc.conf(5) about netwait.

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