netif starting late after upgrade to FreeBSD 9.0 from 8

Khairil Yusof khairil.yusof at
Tue May 1 15:29:13 UTC 2012

I've just upgraded in place from FreeBSD 8 to FreeBSD 9.0.

The upgrade following /usr/src/UPDATING was without any problems.

The only issue I have is that there seems to be a race condition for
bootup scripts in which netif can start later than devices that
require it, resulting in the following problems :

1. pf rules not being loaded as it can't find network interfaces
defined such as lo0
2. named not starting

I suspect that it may be a file was not installed/updated after
mergemaster -i but, when I check /etc/rc.d/netif and pf the REQUIRES
line is the same as that in /usr/src

How do I troubleshoot this? I've tried to manually change REQUIRES for
pf for example to LOGIN, but it doesn't have any effect.

Any pointers would be much appreciated to possible solutions would be
much appreciated.


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