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Sat Mar 31 14:13:53 UTC 2012

Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:

> On Fri, 30 Mar 2012 17:38:36 +0200, Karel Miklav wrote:
> > Could you please recommend me a home printer that works nicely
> > with FreeBSD?
> > 
> > HP inkjets aren't that bad, FreeBSD drivers are allright, but
> > I'd like to shift towards some kind of PostScript laser. Xerox
> > Phaser 6500 looks nice ...
> Allow me to mention some things that are worth investing in.
> 1. Network connection.
> Don't bother with USB stuff. Buy a printer that offers Ethernet


> and maybe also WLAN,

I personally don't trust wireless, because it's well nigh impossible
to truly secure it.

> 2. Standard language.
> Postscript and PCL. Make sure the printer understands at least
> one of them.

or, alternatively, PDF (which some of the newer printers are reputed
to take directly, rather than requiring the host to convert it to PS
or PCL).

> 3. Laser printer.
> Don't believe that inkpee printers are genereally cheaper. They
> are not.

+1, especially if used only occasionally.

If I needed a monochrome printer this weekend, I'd head for the
local Fry's where they're advertising the (network & duplex capable)
Samsung ML-2955ND for $80.  I haven't used that model, but it looks
very similar to the (network-capable, but no duplex) ML-2571N that's
been working just fine since I got it a few years ago.

> The only excuse for using them is that you need photo
> quality color prints (requiring the proper paper, too).

I've gotten quite adequate printing of digital-camera photos from
a Xerox Phaser 6130 (about $400 a few years ago IIRC).

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