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Sat Mar 31 13:56:29 UTC 2012

On Sat 2012-03-31 20:32:04 UTC+1000, R Skinner (rocky at wrote:

> Stupid question, but I need to clarify and make sure I'm right here: 
> what should I see as the running process if clang is compiling? ATM I 
> see cc1plus.

clang for C, clang++ for C++

> I'm trying to set CC and friends make variables to clang for a build, 
> but it doesn't appear to be 'sticking'. It seems to change the shell env 
> to bash, but that shouldn't be the problem. So I'm trying to work out 
> whats up.

I have this in /etc/make.conf:

.include "/etc/make.clang.conf"

and /etc/make.clang.conf itself:

.if !defined(CC) || ${CC} == "cc"
.if !defined(CXX) || ${CXX} == "c++"
.if !defined(CPP) || ${CPP} == "cpp"
CPP=clang -E
# Don't die on warnings
# Don't forget this when using Jails!

This is from which
talks about building the FreeBSD kernel & base, but it's also used by
the Ports system.

Another option is to set CC & CXX explicitly:

cd /usr/ports/*/foobar
make CC=clang CXX=clang++
> FWIW I'm trying to build libreoffice with clang as it doesn't build, or 
> more accurately doesn't build and test correctly. It doesn't appear to 
> honor the CC variables (CC, CXX, CPP, etc). Worth a shot anyway :)

I've never tried building LibreOffice at all, let alone with Clang,
but apparently it can be done:


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