Off-Topic: Computing for the Blind

Beni Brinckman beni.brinckman at
Mon Mar 26 08:41:48 UTC 2012

Op 26 maart 2012 09:42 heeft Arthur Chance <freebsd at> het
volgende geschreven:
> On 03/25/12 23:33, Barbara La Scala wrote:
>> Apologies for the off topic posting but my stepfather is blind and he
>> wants my advice
>> about how to get online. I have no idea where to start looking for
>> information on hardware
>> and/or software for him. However, I vaguely remember someone on this list
>> saying they
>> were visually impaired. If I'm remembering correctly, I'd really
>> appreciate it if that person
>> would get in touch with me.
> This link might help. It's the RNIB page on using technology when blind or
> partially sighted. The link to the beginner's guides is where you should
> start.
> However, as Polytropon said in his mail, there are far too many web pages
> with no real accessibility for anyone with less than perfect faculties, in
> spite of the fact it's a legal requirement in many countries. A friend of
> mine is an accessibility consultant and has regular rants about this.

Maybe this can help too : and its creator Aldo <info at>

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