Off-Topic: Computing for the Blind

Arthur Chance freebsd at
Mon Mar 26 08:04:55 UTC 2012

On 03/25/12 23:33, Barbara La Scala wrote:
> Apologies for the off topic posting but my stepfather is blind and he wants my advice
> about how to get online. I have no idea where to start looking for information on hardware
> and/or software for him. However, I vaguely remember someone on this list saying they
> were visually impaired. If I'm remembering correctly, I'd really appreciate it if that person
> would get in touch with me.

This link might help. It's the RNIB page on using technology when blind 
or partially sighted. The link to the beginner's guides is where you 
should start.

However, as Polytropon said in his mail, there are far too many web 
pages with no real accessibility for anyone with less than perfect 
faculties, in spite of the fact it's a legal requirement in many 
countries. A friend of mine is an accessibility consultant and has 
regular rants about this.

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