Vivaldi Tablet

Robert Bonomi bonomi at
Mon Mar 26 00:22:31 UTC 2012

Jerome Herman wrote:
> On 26/03/2012 01:29, Da Rock wrote:
> > On 03/26/12 06:49, Skippy 311 wrote:
> >> With a large portion of the open source community looking towards the
> >> Vivaldi Tablet as the push for mobile linux,
> > The site reminds me of someone organising a large party and no one 
> > showing up :)
> Indeed, I felt very alone going there too.


> >> I was curious if there was any
> >> plans to make an official push to put something together for this 
> >> tablet.

Considering that FreeBS positions itself 'primrily' as a _server_ OS, 
I would suggest that it is 'unlikely'.

*I*, for one, would hope that porting to the 'Rasberry Pi' has higher 

Now, if "somebody" in the 'Vivaldi' community wants to gather up _all_
the relevant 'technical data' for configuring/accessing/programming *ALL*
the included hardware, and -publish- it in one EASILY ACCESSIBLE place,
that would be a good start.

If such a "somebody" were to _also_ provide 'funding' for a porting project,
that would undoubtedly move such a project to a high position on the 'to do'

Otherwise, "Skippy", you, -YOURSELF-.  will need to find a 'guru' with the
appropriate knowledge/skills *and* "enough interest' in the project to 
tackle it.

Good Luck.

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