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Jerome Herman jherman at
Sun Mar 25 23:47:44 UTC 2012

On 26/03/2012 01:29, Da Rock wrote:
> On 03/26/12 06:49, Skippy 311 wrote:
>> With a large portion of the open source community looking towards the
>> Vivaldi Tablet as the push for mobile linux,
> The site reminds me of someone organising a large party and no one 
> showing up :)

Indeed, I felt very alone going there too.

>> I was curious if there was any
>> plans to make an official push to put something together for this 
>> tablet.
>> It is alot to ask from FreeBSD, but to put it bluntly, the more this 
>> tablet
>> can offer the better it will be. Support from FreeBSD on this tablet 
>> would
>> be a wonderful addition to the community being built around this tablet,
>> and I hope to see FreeBSD on board in the near future.
> FreeBSD on a tablet would be an interesting idea. Not sure about this 
> one though... Looks like one of those ones going on eBay for $50. You 
> can always grab one of those and hack it to run FBSD.

The main problem (though it is actually a FreeBSD strength) is that most 
FreeBSD dev code to solve their own problems. I don not think I am wrong 
when I say that a vast majority of FreeBSD contributor are also heavy 
users of the functionalities they code.
So the question is "Are there enough FreeBSD dev that see any kind of 
interest in having a tablet ?". Personally I still don't, even though 
quite a lot of people tried to explain it to me.
Also the site lacks the main thing that could get the FreeBSD community 
on the spot : specs. I managed to learn it was a 1ghz ARM with 512MB ram 
and 4GB storage, and that is about it. Arm architecture being what it is 
(basically whatever the constructor decided to use at that moment with 
no standard as to how he did it) there is absolutely no way to start any 
kind of port short of reverse engeniring the linux version.  My personal 
opinion is "not worth the trouble".

> Perhaps this should go to embedded though?
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