Can't install WindowMaker

illoai at illoai at
Tue Mar 20 04:58:30 UTC 2012

On 11 March 2012 04:17, Sabine Baer <baerks at> wrote:
> Sorry if I'm totally wrong here but I don't know where to ask.
> I'm using WindowMaker as my window manager for some years. I do not
> remember why, but some days ago, I deinstalled ist. Now, I can't
> install it.
> $uname -rp
>  |7.4-STABLE amd64
> #portmaster -aD
> |all up to date (had a long run of updating gcc46 and others this
> |morning)
> #portmaster /x11-wm/windomaker
>  |[...]
>  |handlers.c:542: warning: implicit declaration of function 'FD_ISSET'
>  |*** Error code 1

I know I'm going back a ways here but:

Unless you have WERROR set, I don't think that warning is
the thing giving you "*** Error code 1".  Look up a bit (or a
lot) higher.


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