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Thu Mar 15 16:05:53 UTC 2012

On Fri, 16 Mar 2012 02:13:40 +1030, David Walker wrote:
> I've read boot(8) to some degree and tried interrupting boot and so on.
> At some point I get a ...
> mountroot>
> ... prompt which I guess is what you refer to.
> I'm not sure how to influence this - there seems to be no keyboard
> control at any rate ...

I think you need a regular keyboard here (AT or PS/2),
unless your BIOS offers a "USB keyboard legacy support".

> I've decided to re-install FreeBSD rather than try to learn about this - lazy.

You could have used UFSIDs (unique file system identifiers)
as described in the handbook - it's an alternative to using
GPT labels (currently looks problematic) or UFS labels (should

20.7 Labeling Disk Devices

(bottom of page)

> During install, although FreeBSD correctly recognizes all the drives
> and allows me to select one as a target and "use whole", when it gets
> to slicing up the drive and presents the list of all drives, it
> incorrectly shows the first drive (the Windows drive) as having UFS
> partitions and so on - that drive is a single NTFS slice ...
> Needless to say there's no way I'm proceeding with install.

Maybe misinterpretation of some remains of GPT partitioning?

> So I leave the cabling order (which is what I originally changed
> prompting me to email the list) but unplug the Windows drive and
> install FreeBSD.
> Reboot and ... same situation.
> Sort of expected.

Have you considered performing a manual installation per
shell commands? It's not that difficult and allows you to
walk around problems that may reside inside the installer.

In worst case, make sure to remove all remains of a
previous partitioning ("clean install").

> >  If you'd've
> > used labels (either glabel or tunefs -L) you'd not have to change
> > your /etc/fstab at all.
> I'd have no problem with that ... except it's not given as an option
> during install as far as I can see.

Is is _indirectly_ given: Start a shell, mount the drive
and edit the file manually. :-)

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