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Thu Mar 15 15:43:41 UTC 2012


On 15/03/2012, illoai at <illoai at> wrote:
> Yes, you can change the fstab (if you can get in via mountroot:
> at the boot prompt, I believe) from single user mode.

I've read boot(8) to some degree and tried interrupting boot and so on.
At some point I get a ...
... prompt which I guess is what you refer to.
I'm not sure how to influence this - there seems to be no keyboard
control at any rate ...

I've decided to re-install FreeBSD rather than try to learn about this - lazy.
During install, although FreeBSD correctly recognizes all the drives
and allows me to select one as a target and "use whole", when it gets
to slicing up the drive and presents the list of all drives, it
incorrectly shows the first drive (the Windows drive) as having UFS
partitions and so on - that drive is a single NTFS slice ...
Needless to say there's no way I'm proceeding with install.

So I leave the cabling order (which is what I originally changed
prompting me to email the list) but unplug the Windows drive and
install FreeBSD.
Reboot and ... same situation.
Sort of expected.

Presumably, this is an understood situation with a simple workaround
(failed drives etcetera).
Please let me know (man pages accompanied by cluesticks are fine - I'm
new here).

>  If you'd've
> used labels (either glabel or tunefs -L) you'd not have to change
> your /etc/fstab at all.

I'd have no problem with that ... except it's not given as an option
during install as far as I can see.

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Best wishes.

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