Urgent notice for you, reply now

Henry Taku henryta75 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 06:58:53 UTC 2012


We've set up a web office for TAKUGOLD and we want you to join. 
Here's a personal message from Henry Taku:

Urgent notice Please	

a compensation payment of $850,000.00 USD has been awarded to this
email address, if you are the owner of the email address contact
Mr Victor sunday Email: spstvictor at yahoo.com.ph  TelNo:+22993010868
with your full name telephone No. address, age and profetion to send
your payment to you immediately.

Mr henry Taku
Director board of WBC Payment 


A web office is like a private website -- only people who join can
see what's there. We can use the site to share files, pictures, and
links, coordinate events, and keep everyone up-to-date on important
group announcements. You don't need anything special to connect to
the site; just a web browser and an Internet connection. But you
do need to sign up to become a member. 

Here's how to join... 

1. Go to http://takugold.webexone.com/register_member.asp
2. Fill out the information on the new member form using the Registration
Code: dGFrdWdv

3. That's it!

Just make sure that when you enter the Registration Code, you type
it just like it's shown above because it is case-sensitive. Also,
be sure to keep the Registration Code private because anyone who
knows it can join the web office.

Enjoy your web office!

Get everyone on the same page. SM

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