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   outstripped the winds. Full of impatience to encounter Orlando, he
   gave but a few hours that night to sleep. Early the next day he saw
   before him the great city, under the walls of which the Emperor
   Charles had collected the scattered remains of his army. Foreseeing
   that he would soon be attacked on all sides, the Emperor had caused
   the ancient fortifications to be repaired, and new ones to be built,
   surrounded by wide and deep ditches. The desire to hold the field
   against the enemy made him seize every means of procuring new
   allies. He hoped to receive from England aid sufficient to enable
   him to form a new camp, and as soon as Rinaldo rejoined him he
   selected him to go as his ambassador
   def   him to a tree, and took from him the ring which he wore on one of his
   fingers. The cries and entreaties of the perfidious Saracen moved
   her not. She advanced to the foot of the rock whereon the castle
   stood, and, to draw the magician to the combat, sounded her horn,
   adding to it cries of defiance. The enchanter delayed not to present
   himself, mounted on his winged horse. Bradamante was struck with
   surprise mixed with joy when she saw that this person, described as so
   formidable, bore no lance nor club,
   fr   of success. Following this path which leads by the seashore, you
   will come ere long to a hostelry, where the Saracen Brunello will
   arrive shortly before you. You will readily know him by his stature,
   under four feet, his great disproportioned head, his squint eyes, his
   livid hue, his thick eyebrows joining his tufted beard. His dress,
   moreover, that of a courier, will point him out to you. "It will
   be easy for you to enter into conversation with him, announcing
   yourself as a knight seeking combat with the enchanter, but
   i   sound like that which issues from burning wood seemed to come from the
   myrtle-tree, at first faint and indistinct, but growing stronger by
   degrees, and at length was audible as a voice which spoke in this
   manner: "O knight, if the tenderness of your heart corresponds to
   the beauty of your person, relieve me, I pray you, from this
   tormenting animal. I suffer enough inwardly without having outward
   evils added to my lot."
   have of him, mounted as we are both on one feeble animal."
   Sacripan   courser, and attempted to seize his bridle, but the disdainful animal,
   turning from him, launched at him a volley of kicks enough to have
   shattered a wall of marble. Bayard then approached Angelica with an
   air as gentle and loving as a faithful dog could his master after a
   long separation. For he remembered how she had caressed him, and
   even fed him, in Albracca. She took his bridle in her left hand,
   while with her right she patted his neck. The beautiful animal,
   gifted with wonderful intelligence, seemed to submit entirely.
   Sacripant, seizing the moment to vault upon


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