oops, now: bsd question: how to record a tv stream?

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> >>>Additionally, there may be an option to download some kind of media
> >>>streams. There are tools for that available.
> >>There is cx88 in the ports which will cover a lot of pci devices, and
> >> webcamd covers just about all the rest. Then use mplayer or another
> >>tool to record the stream.
> >>
> >>And if you're real tricky you can set it to record at a specific time
> >> and shut off at another specified time... :) I wrote a script for
> >>this; a bit hackish, but it gets the job done. I have to clean it up
> >>someday when I have the spare time.
> >
> >No one suggesting MythTV? I haven't used a tuner card but I thought
> >MythTV was the one to use.
> Pah! Too much bloat - especially for this use.
> A lot of setup and configuration is required, and for a one off why bother?

	so that's it.  i messed around with mythtv last fall on my
	ubuntu distro.  couldn't get anywhere and finally realized
	that =you need some kind of HARDWARE=.  well, bleep that.  i
	de-installed and got back to <whatever>.

	sinced early december i've been working on an accessibility
	app for the speech impaired.  it won't work on the berkeley
	distros natively.  it should given our linux stuff.  i'll 
	tell you: i haven't have this much of a challenge since i
	was studying  data structures.  Danm, gtk is hard.  but 
	super fun.  my application is as lean as i can make it, 
	Especially since it is aimed an people who have never used
	computers before.  i'm copying as much of gespeaker's 
	layout as i can because that is very lean and clean.

	---this is a long-winded way of saying to da rock that i
	hope you clean up your script[s] and publish the code in

	{a final rant about copyright:: i woulnd never touch any
	commercial station because they sneak in those bloody
	commerc*als  on you.  before you know it, you've watched
	a minute of babes trying to sell you your Zippy-Do sports
	van.  i dont have the energy to get mad.  i just dont watch
	anything but pbs   or npr.}

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