oops, now: bsd question: how to record a tv stream?

Da Rock freebsd-questions at herveybayaustralia.com.au
Tue Mar 13 02:45:12 UTC 2012

On 03/13/12 12:27, Shane Ambler wrote:
> On 12/03/2012 10:16, Da Rock wrote:
>> On 03/12/12 07:19, Polytropon wrote:
>>> On Sun, 11 Mar 2012 13:28:19 -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
>>>> here us a FBSD qauestion.... how can i capture any tv
>>>> stream---or radio stream for later replay?
>>> I've been using a BrookTree ("Haupauge WinTV") PCI card for
>>> capturing from TV which worked very good using the standard
>>> programs mplayer and mencoder.
>>> For capturing TV programs, there may be some service like the
>>> Online TV Recoder which I occassionally use. Maybe this works also
>>> for radio programs?
>>> Additionally, there may be an option to download some kind of media
>>> streams. There are tools for that available.
>> There is cx88 in the ports which will cover a lot of pci devices, and
>>  webcamd covers just about all the rest. Then use mplayer or another
>> tool to record the stream.
>> And if you're real tricky you can set it to record at a specific time
>>  and shut off at another specified time... :) I wrote a script for
>> this; a bit hackish, but it gets the job done. I have to clean it up
>> someday when I have the spare time.
> No one suggesting MythTV? I haven't used a tuner card but I thought
> MythTV was the one to use.
Pah! Too much bloat - especially for this use.

A lot of setup and configuration is required, and for a one off why bother?

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