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On Mon, 12 Mar 2012 12:14:39 -0400
Allen <Unix.Hacker at> wrote:
> Plan 9 is a record label started by Glenn Danzig. 

I never thought I'd see this on FreeBSD list! I guess I have now lived
long enough as they say.
> Of course, if I won the Lotto or something, I'd re-design my House,
> and turn this room into a true Computer Lab. My Wife and I both are
> into Computers, and we both Love Unix. We'd buy sun Machines, Sparcs
> and, for me, a full set of SGI Workstations and Servers. And I'd like
> them to be running IRIX, except the new ones, I don't know what I'd

You are either stealing my thoughts or are my long lost twin. Either
way, no matter what you post from now on you are a genius in my book!


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