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Mon Mar 12 16:15:44 UTC 2012

On 3/11/2012 7:33 PM, Da Rock wrote:
> On 03/11/12 21:03, ajtiM wrote:
>> On Saturday 10 March 2012 17:36:53 Da Rock wrote:
>>> No system is actually truly capable of this, with the exception of the
>>> newest kid on the block Plan9. Winblows, in its current form, is the
>>> bastard love child of DOS and some black sheep cousin of Unix
>>> (twice-removed), so its not happening there either; just some sleight of
>>> hand tricks to partially achieve the result with a decrease of security
>>> to boot.

Windows is a poorly made joke. We all know this deep down. Does no one
read Computer History? Microsoft was marketing Xenix before IBM said "We
need an OS that blows for a Computer that has similar power to a
calculator ten years from now" and Microsoft said "We can do that!"....
Well, we can BUY that.... Seattle Computer Products has this OS called
QDOS that is a rip off of CP/M and stands for "Quick Dirty Operating
System" if we buy that for a rip off price and rename it Disk Operating
System, even though it can't handle Disks anyway, we can use this!

>> IMO it is the Microsoft and CO. tactics how to eliminate concurency -
>> Unix,
>> Mac... They never tried to be better...
> Hah! They didn't need to. The guys who designed Unix finally wound up
> their work once ported, and then said "we can do a lot better now" and
> Plan9 was born. The change was too dramatic for commerce to change for
> supposedly little reward, and so Plan9 was left on the backburner while
> a lot of its features were integrated into other *nix platforms (rc,
> file based devices, etc).

Plan 9 is a record label started by Glenn Danzig. And a movie. As for
the OS, I don't care. They got it right with Unix years earlier, why
stop now?

AT&T didn't care about Unix until they were allowed to make money off
it, but the problem there, is that Berkeley got a copy of it, and some
Brilliant Hackers started working on it.

The CSRG at Berkeley did things that made more possible. Then they came
up with BSD, and, well, we're still using it Today. Many people would
consider 6 months to a year a long time in Computer terms, and 5 years
with the same OS, is considered damn good. So what does this say about BSD?

We're still using an OS that was born in 1969, changed in the 70s by the
Brilliance of Berkeley, and now still going strong after so long. That's
not only saying something, that's a Historical thing.

> So in a way they did try to be better, but not exactly with the original
> designers blessing. And Plan9 is still an immature child... shame.

Oh well. We don't really have to deal with DOS anymore, and FreeDOS has
done things even Microsoft couldn't buy their way through. Then we have
Windows, Linux, Unix, and of course, the other toys from other people.
I'd like BeOS to come back, but I'm quite happy with BSD and Linux.

Of course, if I won the Lotto or something, I'd re-design my House, and
turn this room into a true Computer Lab. My Wife and I both are into
Computers, and we both Love Unix. We'd buy sun Machines, Sparcs and, for
me, a full set of SGI Workstations and Servers. And I'd like them to be
running IRIX, except the new ones, I don't know what I'd use on those.

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