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On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 7:12 AM, Jerry <jerry at> wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Mar 2012 11:23:54 +0700
> Erich Dollansky articulated:
>> > > FAT rules!
>> >
>> > Uh . . . what?
>> It is on every phone, every camera, every toaster ...
> And for a very good reason; it is virtually universally usable by any
> operating system. However, the "exFAT" system is becoming more
> prevalent due to its more versatile design.

The only reason it's so popular is not precisely for good design.

It's only because of Microsoft's dominance of the market. They
achieved this dominance not by providing good software, but rather by
user the drug dealer's / gangster model in which they are very lax
about people copying their crappy software, and then pressuring them
into paying out with the BSA. Meanwhile, people became dependent
(addicted) to their file formats such as xls and doc, in a vicious
cycle making Microsoft ever more powerful over people's will.

They didn't kill off the competition by providing better products and
services, they just bullied their way through by threatening
distributors and hardware manufacturers, and later consumers. Today,
Microsoft is still doing this by providing "free software" to third
world schools and governments, much like Nestle does by providing
"free powdered milks and baby formula" in Africa, or like Monsanto
does when providing super seeds to struggling farmers.

As I heard someone say recently "if Al Capone were alive today he'd
run a tech company".

Alejandro Imass

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