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Erich Dollansky articulated:

> > > FAT rules!  
> > 
> > Uh . . . what?  
> It is on every phone, every camera, every toaster ...

And for a very good reason; it is virtually universally usable by any
operating system. However, the "exFAT" system is becoming more
prevalent due to its more versatile design.

To use a camera as an example, any manufacturer that would use a file
system that was not compatible with MS Windows would be driving the
company into bankruptcy. There are dozens of Windows based applications
that can handle images stored on various types of cameras At best,
there are only a few designed for the non-Windows world, and they work
like crap, if you can get one to work at all. They are all feature
poor, again assuming you can get one to actually work without having
an engineering degree.

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