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On Saturday 10 March 2012 22:08:37 Alejandro Imass wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 2:36 AM, Erich Dollansky
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> > On Saturday 10 March 2012 14:28:05 Joshua Isom wrote:
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it seems that you delete the 'masterpiece'.
> >
> > wine was able to fix the problem. Do not forget that most of the problems Windows has are not linked to design.
> I am guessing this is a sarcastic comment!!
> ALL of Windows' problems are precisely based on poor design... just to
> name a few:
> - no clean separation of system and apps

it is very clearly separated.

> - apps re-write system libs at will

Isn't this another masterpiece FreeBSD is far off achieving?

> - no lib versioning

I think that you are wrong here. It a long time ago but I think I remember they put a version number into the library name.

> - there is not out of the box user / admin separation

Another point where FreeBSD is far behind. It is not possible to give every user on FreeBSD its own account and full administration rights.

> - no filesystem-based security

FAT rules!

> - default network protocols are insecure

Windows has meanwhile default network protocols? I think, I have to do some catching up.
> ...and this is only scratching the surface
> Windows is a well-marketed (gangster-style) piece of crap. Same with
> SAP, Oracle and many other widely-used "enterprise grade" IT. These
> folks are marketing machines, not technology companies:

Cash rules!


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