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> wine was able to fix the problem. Do not forget that most of the problems Windows has are not linked to design.

I am guessing this is a sarcastic comment!!

ALL of Windows' problems are precisely based on poor design... just to
name a few:

- no clean separation of system and apps
- apps re-write system libs at will
- no lib versioning
- there is not out of the box user / admin separation
- no filesystem-based security
- default network protocols are insecure

...and this is only scratching the surface

Windows is a well-marketed (gangster-style) piece of crap. Same with
SAP, Oracle and many other widely-used "enterprise grade" IT. These
folks are marketing machines, not technology companies:

There is no inherent value in a technology per se. The value is
determined instead by the business model used to bring it to market.
The same technology taken to the market through two different business
models will yield different amounts of value. An inferior technology
with a better business model will often trump a better technology
commercialized through an inferior business model.
"Open Innovation", (Chesbrough 2003)

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