Still having trouble with package upgrades

David Brodbeck gull at
Wed Mar 7 21:27:45 UTC 2012

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 10:56 AM, David Jackson <djackson452 at> wrote:
> You have just now declared complete indifference to and alienated about 99%
> of the potential user base and their needs, those who could care less about
> compiling source and messing with compiler options.

Maybe FreeBSD isn't right for them.  It's not meant to be all things
to all people.  It may be that a different OS would fill your needs
better.  If so, you should use it!  If you're determined to run some
kind of BSD UNIX, you should investigate PC-BSD, which is meant to be
easier to install and maintain for non-technical users.

For someone who claims to have given up on FreeBSD, you certainly seem
to have a lot of time to argue about it.  Why the anger?

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