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Sat Mar 3 10:12:36 UTC 2012

Michel Talon <talon at> wrote:

> If you want to avoid such problems the only solution is to buy
> a printer with postscript or pdf support and direct network
> connection, that is an expensive one ...

I've been using a Samsung ML-2571N for something like a couple of
years now.  It has a direct net connection, supports PostScript,
directly supports both lpd and Bonjour (Mac) protocols, and cost
something like $60 or $70 (US) at Fry's.  Granted that was a sale
price -- regular was probably around $100 -- but even $100 does
not seem all that expensive.

I don't see the ML-2571N on today -- the closest is the
ML-2545 ($70, I think it uses the same engine but without network
support and may not have PostScript).  If I were choosing from
today's Fry's list, I would probably pick the ML-2955ND ($130) which
does duplexing.  (They also have wireless models, but I would not
trust wireless unless the printer and all its clients were inside
a Faraday cage :)

And no, I don't work for either Fry's or Samsung.

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