printing jpeg slides to a Postscript printer

Markus Hoenicka markus.hoenicka at
Mon Jun 25 10:53:41 UTC 2012

Matthias Apitz <guru at> was heard to say:

> I was thinking in some UNIX way to do so, like:
> 1. converting the 10 jpeg to 10 .eps files
> 2. running psmerge to bring the 10 EPS files into one PS file
> 3. running psnup to get the 10 pages re-arranged, 2 on one page;

If you're looking at 10 images, just fire up OpenOffice and make a  
presentation or a drawing with 2 images per page. Figure out the Unix  
way if you're looking at 10 images every day :-)

just my 2 cc
Markus Hoenicka
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