printing jpeg slides to a Postscript printer

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Mon Jun 25 10:18:50 UTC 2012

El día Monday, June 25, 2012 a las 05:10:32AM -0500, Lars Eighner escribió:

> > I have 10 jpeg slides (screen shoots) and I want to print them to a
> > Postscript printer (CUPS controlled), on each page 2 slides. I know I
> > could make some presentation from them or wrap them into a HTML file,
> > but I was thinking there must be some easy way with some tool from
> > our ports.
> >
> > Any idea? Thanks in advance
> I'll take that "Any" at face value.  Did you check your printer's manual?
> Many printers these days can print photos stand-alone.  The least hassle
> option might to be to load your photos on a card or memory stick, and use
> your printer's stand-alone functions, since I gather from your question that
> you are not embedding the photos in some larger document.

I was thinking in some UNIX way to do so, like:

1. converting the 10 jpeg to 10 .eps files
2. running psmerge to bring the 10 EPS files into one PS file
3. running psnup to get the 10 pages re-arranged, 2 on one page;

but psmerge does not produce something usefull;

I don't know if my printer has such options or if I can get access to
such stand-alone functions; it is our central printer and managed by IT;

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