Question about missing posix shared mutex

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Mon Jun 25 09:58:42 UTC 2012

Daniel Ylitalo wrote:

> Hi guys!
> According to the sphinxsearch dev-team freebsd does not support posix
> pthread shared mutex but later on i found this post that gave some
> pointers that it might been implemented into freebsd 9:
> However 9.0-RELEASE doesnt have it so i tried out 9-STABLE but it isnt
> in there either.
> There is also a pretty long bugthread on sphinxsearch's bugtracker about
> it:
> Basically my question is if there is work being done on this and if we
> will see it in 9.1? Or should i abandon freebsd for our sphinxhosts? :(

Sorry not to answer your question, but have you tried installing any of the 
following from the ports system to see if they work?

I do not use this and have no experience with it, but if these ports are 
indeed broken it might be nice for the port maintainer to know about. If 
they work, then why fuss over theoretics?


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