backup tools

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sat Jun 23 13:54:21 UTC 2012

you mean "wake on lan"? there is "wol" tool in ports.
> proper.  I meant, too, that dirvish, which was the alternative that I
> recommended, presents an elegant and easily-comprehended way to manage rsync's
> considerable abilities, not that it provides features that can't be managed
> directly by rsync.

fine but i really want to "manage features" directly by specifying a 

thanks for answer, but i really don't recommend anyone using "all in one" 
tools as it's always to have problems with "one" than with "all".

>> there are many. I know people using it ... after they know how useful it
>> is based on my examples. No idea how stable and usable they are.
> Thanks for pointing out that there are Windows ports of rsync, and that you
> provide examples of their use.  I'm not sure I would entrust my system backups
> to them if they come with the disclaimer that you've "no idea how stable and
> usable they are."
google "rsync for windows".

It is not a danger if you run this "no really sure" tools from windoze and 
you see whether it finished work properly or not.

syncback works fine and is used by me. but it is not high performance, it 
can use only FTP or windows share destination.

for backing up "my documents" it is fine anyway.

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