OT: Robotics or embedded or hardware programming... what is this called?

Ian Smith smithi at nimnet.asn.au
Fri Jun 22 06:38:43 UTC 2012

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On Wed, 20 Jun 2012 19:54:27 -0600 Modulok <modulok at gmail.com> wrote:

 > Sorry for the off-topic post. There are a lot of technically adept people on
 > this list, so I thought I'd try my luck here:

On recent volcanic form, this scarcely measures on the OT scale :)

 > I want to get started programming for hardware. Motors, sensors, actuators, etc.
 > I have a programming background, (python, PHP, C++) but no experience with code
 > that drives hardware. (Motors, sensors, etc.)
 > I *don't* want closed-source "kit robots" where the point is to build the robot
 > the book and thats it. I also don't want ladder logic-based PMC's. Some kind of
 > micro-controller that runs a *nix flavor (or a BSD flavor!) would be great! (If
 > that's what I need.) Basically, I want to do stuff like "if input1() is True
 > then apply_voltage_on_output3()", etc. Build my own traffic light, coffee
 > maker, mars rover, automatic-plant waterer, whatever.

Sure.  Fun and potentially profitable stuff.  Wish I had a spare life ..

 > What do you call this? Embedded programming? Generic hardware programming?
 > Robotics programming? Are there prefabricated, standard embedded boards and
 > hardware specs that play together like PC parts do? In short, I don't even know
 > where to start.

Try browsing from http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-embedded/ 
to see if that's of interest.  Getting FreeBSD up on various embedded 
platforms is the focus there, but I've seen robotics references too.

I see also, but haven't explored these (both look moderately busy):

 > Even general pointers to books/websites would be great. Once I know what it's
 > called I can google much more effectively ;)

I think once you find a platform you're interested in, you'll google up 
a perhaps bewildering array of support websites and forums, with books 
to suit.  For me it's about the processor instruction set and hardware 
functionality, but I gather you're looking for higher level language 
implementations, so you'll want to sniff and taste a few.

I thought I saw something somewhere (maybe just wishful thinking) about 
FreeBSD on the Arduino, which normally runs a sort of embedded Linux, 
that could be very interesting; the hardware is cheap (kits at Jaycar 
stores in Australia anyway), very modular design, and there are heaps of 
fascinating projects.  I want the quadricopter to follow me around the 
room at parties - at my age I need something really impressive :)

On the FreeBSD side there's advanced work, I gather, on ARM and Atmel 
MEGA 32-bit and MIPS platforms at least.  Personally I consider these 
'big iron' and far prefer writing in macro assembler for little Atmel 
Tiny25s and such, but that's strictly "Look Ma, no OS!" programming.

cheers, Ian

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