Is ZFS production ready?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri Jun 22 06:22:45 UTC 2012

> OK, if you have 24 2-way mirrors and two drives in the same mirror fail
> then with UFS you lose the contents of that mirror. Other filesystems in
> the same box are fine. Restores from backups are going to be easy since
> the backups are probably arranged to be per-filesystem.

true. i actually don't have 48-disk machine but do have 9 disks (one SSD+8 

> So far I think we're in agreement.

Still as i said - even with ZFS i would make 24 pools, not one. this thing 
is not filesystem dependent.

> But this doesn't address two issues:
> 1) There are other arrangements of ZFS that can tolerate more failed
>   disks if you are willing to spend more money. ZFS supports n-way
>   mirrors, so you can have mirrors with three or four disks if you
as well as gmirror.

>   a raidz2 set (with multiple raidz2 sets per pool).

i will not use raidz1/2/3 because if catastrophically low performance. the 
design of ZFS makes sure you'll get read performance of single drive from 
whole pool.

Disks are already performance limiting part of computer.

> 2) That this failure can happen doesn't address the question of the
>   production-ready status of ZFS.
> The question of "production ready" is not a boolean. It is a question of

What i meant from beginning is not that ZFS is not "yet" production ready 
but it will never be because of design decisions.

It have "cool" features, giving danger, huge hardware usage (RAM,CPU) and 
low I/O performance.

> risks and of money used to mitigate those risks. I suggest asking the
> question on the zfs-discuss list over at since there are
> probably many more people there who make serious use of ZFS daily.

I will not. Serious people should know how ZFS work. if they still want to 
use it seriuosly then i cannot help any more.

> gs1p                           159G  73.1G     39     12  2.34M  70.7K
>  mirror                       159G  73.1G     39     12  2.34M  70.7K
>    gpt/CONST_2-9XE02KPK-zfs      -      -     19      5  1.94M  69.4K
>    gpt/SAVVIO-6XQ10F80-zfs       -      -     21      5  1.93M  79.5K
>    gpt/SAVVIO-6XQ103C7-zfs       -      -     21      5  1.93M  79.5K
> 100GB+ of FreeBSD being served up (IP if you care to check
> FreeBSD's stats pages). And the torrents can be easily replaced if something
> really bad happens.

3 very expensive drives.

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