New to FreeBSD - Some questions

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu Jun 21 17:15:00 UTC 2012

> the experimental development branch -HEAD, it _might_ happen that
> the system doesn't even compile, but updated 30 minutes after
> that "accident", it runs fine again. :-)
And finally unless doing tests or using private not-really-important 
computer, don't just install newest FreeBSD because it's out.

I - and lot of others - still use 8.* for production while 9.* is out 
already for some time.

Anyway i think that "bleeding edge" -HEAD release is still more stable 
than "stable" linux kernel.

>> q) I would assume UFS with J+SU is "fast enough" for a laptop?
> I think so. For a laptop, you _might_ consider adding encryption.
> Just in case. You never know.

for a server - you MUST do this :)

>> q) The second laptop has an SSD, would UFS with/without J and
>> with/without SU or ZFS make more sense for it?
> There are several parameters that you can tweak (see "man tunefs"),
> I would suggest a single partition spanning the whole SSD, and
> journaling would not be contraproductive.

s/would not/would/
i assume this as mistake. do not journal on SSD. it increases amount of 
writes, and fsck is quick anyway.

do not forget of -t option with newfs (TRIM enable)

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