Is ZFS production ready?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu Jun 21 15:15:12 UTC 2012

> I do understand your setup but I dont have too agree that it is a good

so i would repeat my question.
Assume you have 48 disks, in mirrored configuration (24 mirrors) and 480 
users with their data on them.

Your solution with ZFS - ZFS crashes or you get double disk failure.
Assuming the latter by average one per 24 file (randomly chosen) is 
destroyed which - in practice and limited time, means everything 
destroyed. Actually more than one per 24 - large files can be spread over.

Your solution with UFS - better as there is fsck which slowly but 
successfully repairs problem. with double disk failure - the same!

You restore everything from backup (i assume you have one). This takes 
like a day or more, one or two complete work days lost+all users in 
practice lost everything  since last backup.

My solution with UFS - fsck in case of failure work in parallel on 24 
disks so not that long. double disk failure means losing data of 1/24 

every one per 24 user cannot work, others work and i without any stress do 
recover this 1/24 of users data from backup after putting replacement 

1/24 of users lost data since last backup, and some hours of time.

Even assuming ZFS is perfect then we both have problems as often, but my 
problems are 1/24 as severe as yours.

Just don't ask me for help when unhappy users will want to cut off your 

>> And you've never seen me, yet i still exist.
> Really? that's you anwser to my question. The most childish answer I could

stupid answer to stupid question.
You never seen - but they do happens.

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